What are the SCARIEST BRIDGES in the United States? [Complete List Here!] (2023)

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Some of the scariest bridges are located in the United States of America. Although all of the more than 614,387 bridges in the United States are meant to ferry people and vehicles from one side to the other, some of them are really scary.

In the United States, we have some of the scariest, frightening bridges. But, determining whether a bridge is “scary” is a subjective question. Some bridges scare us because of their stomach-churning heights; others are scary because they are in disrepair.

The fear of driving over bridges – gephyrophobia – is an accepted psychological diagnosis. We’ve rounded up the scariest bridges in the United States, which are notable for their height, location, or condition. Take a look.

What are the scariest bridges in the United States?

  • The Chesapeake Bay Bridge
  • Cape William Moore Bridge
  • Mackinac Bridge
  • Royal Gorge Bridge
  • Captain William Moore Bridge
  • Deception Pass Bridge
  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
  • Gold Brooke Bridge
  • Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

What causes bridge anxiety?

Fear of bridges is not at all uncommon among U.S. drivers. For many drivers, crossing a bridge is a terrifying prospect. People develop bridge phobias in two different ways:

  1. People can develop bridge phobias from a traumatic event such as a car accident on a bridge.
  2. More commonly, bridge phobias develop slowly, culminating in a sense of overpowering loss of control.

Is this the scariest bridge in America?

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Why is the Chesapeake Bay bridge so scary?

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is considered the scariest bridge in America. This bridge is so scary that some people simply refuse to drive through it.

Which is the scariest bridge in New York?

Located in the U.S., connecting Staten Island, New York and Perth Amboy, New Jersey, The Outerbridge Crossing bridge is considered one of the scariest in New York. This extremely narrow bridge with exceptionally high traffic is made even scarier by bad drivers trying to cross the bridge. As a result, it’s considered one of the scariest bridges in New York.

Which is the scariest bridge in Illinois?

The Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge is the scariest bridge in Illinois. This bridge system spans 7.8 miles with a vertical clearance of 125 feet.

Which is the scariest bridge in Massachusetts?

The Storrow Drive westbound bridge is considered the scariest bridge in Massachusetts.

What are the steepest bridges in the United States?

  • Sunshine Skyway Bridge – This steep highway bridge is located in Tampa Bay, Florida. It spans 5.5 miles.
  • Richmond–San Rafael Bridge – This steep bridge is located in San Francisco, California.
  • Mackinac Bridge – The Mackinac Bridge is one of the longest, steepest, and scariest suspension bridges in the United States. Its total length is 26,372 feet.
  • Bronx-Whitestone Bridge – It is one of the steepest suspension bridges in the U.S. The Bronx-Whitestone Bridge spans 7,132 feet.
  • San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge – Conceived during the Gold Rush, it’s one of the scariest bridges in the United States of America. This trio of three bridges spans 23,000 feet.
  • San Mateo–Hayward Bridge – The San Mateo–Hayward Bridge links the San Francisco Peninsula with the East Bay. It’s one of the steepest bridges in the U.S. and the longest in the state of California.
  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge – The Chesapeake Bay Bridge connects Maryland’s eastern and western shores with the Chesapeake Bay. It’s a steep bridge with its highest point at 186 feet.
  • Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge – At the time of its completion, the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge was one of the steepest and longest suspension bridges in the United States.
  • Delaware Memorial Bridge – This steep bridge connects New Castle, Delaware, to Pennsville, New Jersey. The Delaware Memorial Bridge is a twin-span suspension bridge.
  • Talmadge Memorial Bridge – This steep cantilever truss bridge spans between Hutchinson Island and Savannah, Georgia.

What are the most famous bridges in America?

Brides in the U.S. are famous for many reasons. Some American bridges are famous for their location. Other U.S. bridges may be famous because of their size, age, or design. Some bridges in this country become famous because crazy stories are surrounding them.

The following are the most famous bridges in the U.S.:

  • Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California
  • Royal Gorge Bridge – Cañon City, Colorado
  • Brooklyn Bridge – New York, New York
  • Tilikum Crossing – Portland, Oregon
  • Bay Bridge, Oakland, California

What are the most beautiful bridges in the United States?

Bridges are generally built to provide a route over other roads, rivers, or a body of water or any other area that would otherwise be impossible to cross in the U.S. In addition to their functionality, bridges can also be breathtakingly beautiful, such as the Golden Gate Bridge.

While there are more than 600,000 thousand bridges in America, some are more famous than others. And a few bridges are iconic landmarks.

Here are the most famous U.S. bridges with some interesting facts you should know about them.

  • Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California
  • Brooklyn Bridge – New York, New York
  • Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, Florida
  • London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
  • New River Gorge Bridge, Fayetteville, West Virginia
  • Benson Bridge, Multnomah Falls, Oregon
  • Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa, Florida
  • Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • The Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Maryland
  • Mackinac Bridge, Mackinaw City, Michigan

What are the highest bridges in the U.S.?

Some of the tallest bridges in the world are in the U.S. We have four bridges in the country that are above 700 feet in height.

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The height of a bridge refers to the bridge deck’s distance to the water’s surface or lowest point on the land it crosses. The Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest bridge in the United States. It spans the Arkansas River with a height of 955 feet. The Royal Gorge Bridge is located in the State of Colorado and was built in 1929.

The top ten highest bridges in America are:

  1. Royal Gorge Bridge – Colorado – 955 feet
  2. Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge – Arizona/Nevada – 900 feet
  3. New River Gorge Bridge – West Virginia – 876 feet
  4. Foresthill Bridge – California – 730 feet
  5. Glen Canyon Dam Bridge – Arizona – 700 feet
  6. Phil G. McDonald Bridge (Glade Creek Bridge) – West Virginia – 700 feet
  7. Rio Grande Gorge Bridge – New Mexico – 565 feet
  8. Perrine Bridge – Idaho – 486 feet
  9. Navajo Bridge (dual spans; the 1929 span is 467 ft high) – Arizona – 470 feet
  10. Moyie River Canyon Bridge – Idaho – 464 feet

How many types of bridges are there in the U.S.?

The construction of a bridge has everything to do with its purpose, available materials, and terrain.

There are six main types of bridges in America today:

  • Suspension
  • Beam
  • Arch
  • Cantilever
  • Cable-Stayed
  • Truss

Suspension Bridges in the USA

Spreading cables are dominating features of American suspension bridges. Suspension bridges are popular in the U.S. In ancient times, humans used ropes and vines to build suspension bridges.

Suspension bridges handle vibrations well. They are very flexible and are built to handle vibrations caused by wind or earthquake. The Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, California, is the most famous suspension bridge in America.

What is the longest suspension bridge in the U.S.?

The longest suspension bridge in the United States is located at the mouth of upper New York Bay. The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is a double-decker suspension bridge. The bridge is named after Giovanni di Verrazano, the first explorer to sail into the New York Harbor and North America’s east coast in 1524.

The tolled bridge connects Staten Island with Brooklyn with six lanes on each deck. The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge has an overall length of 13,700 feet (4,175.8 meters), a central span of 4,259 feet (1,298.4 meters), and a width of 103 feet (31 meters). Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority owns the bridge and MTA Bridges and Tunnels its operator.

The designer of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is Othmar H. Ammann. Construction of the bridge began in 1959 and was completed in 1964. When the bridge opened to the public, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was the world’s longest suspension bridge. The bridge was opened to traffic in 1964. Each main cable is made up of 26,108 wires amounting to a total of 142,520 miles (229,364 kilometers). It has been estimated that about 13,000 people were involved in the construction of the bridge.

Here are the ten longest suspension bridges in America:

  1. Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, New York
  2. Golden Gate Bridge
  3. Mackinac Bridge
  4. George Washington Bridge
  5. Tacoma Narrows Bridges
  6. Carquinez Bridge
  7. San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
  8. Bronx-Whitestone Bridge
  9. Delaware Memorial Bridge
  10. Walt Whitman Bridge

Beam Bridges in the U.S.

Beam bridges or girder bridges are the simplest and most inexpensive types of bridges. In its simplest form, a beam bridge only contains a horizontal beam that is supported at both ends by piers. You could build a simple beam bridge to cross a narrow creek. All you need is a wood plank or a wood beam. Modern beam bridges function the same way, except they use much higher grade materials.

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Each beam bridge may contain one or multiple horizontal beams. The beams must be strong enough to support their own weight and the weight of crossing traffic.

Beam bridges are among the oldest bridges built by humans. Many of the earliest beam bridges were imitations of nature. In the past, people dropped logs over ditches, creeks, narrow rivers, and various obstacles. Beam bridges are formed by trusses, I-beams, and box girders.

Beam bridges may be built with pre-stressed concrete beams to endure loads in tension, and concrete strength to support the comprehensive loads. The distance between the piers mainly determines the strength of a beam bridge. Thus, beam bridges are most suitable for shorter lengths. Its span is dependent on material strength and the beam weight.

Arch Bridges in the United States

For thousands of years, humans all over the world have been constructing arch bridges. Ancient civilizations were expert arch bridge builders. The arch bridge is architecturally distinctive.

The arch is the property that makes this kind of bridge strong. To accommodate lateral pressure, an arch bridge is structurally supported by abutments at both ends. The arch is using its shape to push force outward to the end supports of the structure. Every arch bridge needs to have a minimum of one arch. But many arch bridges have multiple arches. This type of bridge is extremely stable, but they are not ideal for connecting long distances.

Here some of the most stunning arch bridges of the U.S.:

  • Adams Avenue Bridge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Division Street Bridge in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  • Gilsum Stone Arch Bridge in Gilsum, New Hampshire
  • Peacock’s Lock Viaduct in Reading, Pennsylvania
  • Barteau Bridge (Shioc Road Bridge) in Bovina, Wisconsin
  • Arlington Memorial Bridge in Washington, D.C.
  • East Putney Brook Stone Arch Bridge in Putney, Vermont
  • Andrews Street Bridge in Rochester, New York
  • Farmington River Railroad Bridge in Windsor, Connecticut
  • Horse Valley Bridge in Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Tied Arch Bridges, also called bowstring bridges, have a similar look to arch bridges. A tied-arch bridge has an arch rib on each side of the deck, and one tie beam on every arch, supporting the deck. The vertical ties linked to the arches support the side of the roadway (deck) from above. Tied arch bridges are among the most stunning looking. A major disadvantage of tied-arch bridges is the cost of repair and maintenance.

Examples of tied-arch bridges in the United States:

  • The Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge – The bridge was completed in 1977, and it carries six lanes or road traffic over its length of 10,032 feet (3,057.8 meters). The Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge crosses the Milwaukee River in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Lake Champlain Bridge has 670 m of total length and the longest span of 492 feet (150 meters). It is located on Vermont, over the Lake Champlain between Crown Point, New York and Chimney Point. Construction of the bridge was completed in 2011. Lake Champlain Bridge carries road traffic.
  • The Lowry Avenue Bridge was built in 2012. The bridge carries road traffic over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Lowry Avenue Bridge is 1,574 feet (480 meters) long.
  • The Fort Pitt Bridge is 1,207 feet (368 meters) long. The bridge first opened in 1959. Its longest span has 754 feet (230 meters). The Fort Pitt Bridge is the first computer designed tied-arch bridge globally, and the first double-decked tied-arch bridge.

Cantilever Bridges in America

Cantilever bridges look somewhat similar to arch bridges. But cantilever bridges are constructed leveraging a different technology. A basic cantilever bridge is equipped with two cantilever arms—the cantilever arms extending from opposite sides of an obstacle connecting at the center of the bridge. One of the advantages of a cantilever bridge is that it can be constructed without temporary cables above and supporting towers.

Here are some examples of cantilever bridges in the United States:

  • Innerbelt Bridge in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Agate Pass Bridge in Suquamish, Washington
  • Simeon Willis Memorial Bridge crossing the Ohio River between Ohio and Kentucky.
  • The Krotz Springs Bridge is a dual cantilever bridge in the state of Lousiana.
  • Walkway over the Hudson in Highland, New York
  • Cairo Ohio River Bridge in Cairo, Illinois
  • Tobin Bridge in Chelsea, Massachusetts
  • Julia Butler Hansen Bridge in Wahkiakum County, Washington
  • Beaver Bridge in Beaver, Pennsylvania
  • George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge crossing the Ohio River between Jeffersonville, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky.

Cable-Stayed Bridges in the U.S.A

Cable-stayed bridges are similar to suspended bridges. This type of bridge uses deck cables that are connected to pylons. Cable-stayed bridges are ideal for connecting medium and long distances. Common build materials of this type of bridge are steel rope, concrete or steel pylons, post-tensioned concrete, and box girders. The Brooklyn Bridge includes cable-stayed bridge design elements. Fausto Veranzio was the inventor of cable-stayed bridges in 16th century Venice, Italy.

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Here are some examples of cable-stayed bridges in the U.S.:

  • Goethals Bridge connecting Elizabeth, New Jersey to Staten Island, New York.
  • Christopher S. Bond Bridge in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Greenville Bridge over the Mississippi River between Shives, Arkansas and Refuge, Mississippi.
  • Abraham Lincoln Bridge spanning the Ohio River between Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Indiana.
  • Rainbow Bridge in Southeast Texas

Truss Bridges in the U.S.

The main element of a truss bridge is the truss. The truss is a structure of assembled elements that form triangular units. This type of bridge is a very rigid structure and often built with a diagonal mesh. Due to its construction truss bridges can endure heavy loads and stronger forces than other types of bridges. Truss bridges use materials efficiently, which made them a popular choice around the U.S.A. There are more than 17,000 truss bridges in America.

There are several different types of truss bridges. A truss bridge can have a deck on top, at the bottom, or in the middle. A pony truss has the sides of the truss extend above the roadbed but are not linked.

Here are some examples of truss bridges in America:

  • Freemont Mill Bridge near Anamosa, Iowa
  • Newark Bay Bridge in Newark, New Jersey
  • Bowstring Truss Bridge in Ironto, Virginia
  • Hale Bridge located south of Anamosa, Iowa
  • Betsy Ross Bridge in the City of Pennsylvania
  • Dinkey Creek Bridge in Fresno County, California
  • Corbett’s/Eby’s Mill Bridge in Scotch Grove, Iowa
  • Bridge No.4 near La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • Glen Hope Covered Bridge in Chester County, Pennsylvania
  • Springfield Bridge in Conway, Arkansas

Viaduct Bridges in the U.S.

A viaduct is a special type of bridge ideal for connecting two points together that are of the same elevation. Viaducts are constructed over canyons, gorges, water, and valleys.Viaducts are popular in railroad hubs such as Atlanta, Chicago, and London.

What is the longest floating bridge in America?

The longest floating bridge in America is in Seattle. The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge is connecting Seattle with Bellevue across Lake Washington. The bridge is 7709 feet (2,350 meters) long.

What is the longest pedestrian bridge in the United States?

The longest pedestrian bridge, the Gatlinburg SkyBridge, is in Tennessee. The Gatlinburg SkyBridge is 680 feet (207 meters) long.

What is the most expensive toll bridge in the United States to cross?

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia costs a whopping $30 round trip.

What is the longest bridge in the U.S.?

Currently, the longest bridge in the U.S. is Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana. The bridge consists of two parallel bridges crossing Lake Pontchartrain.The longer of the two is 23.8 miles (38.35 kilometers) long.

What are some fascinating facts about American bridges?

There are more than 600,000 bridges in America. Many bridges in the United States have never been completed.Stone bridges can be just as stable as steel bridges. Most bridges are constructed of concrete and steel. Some bridges are made of glass. The average age of American bridges is 40 years old. Unfortunately, some U.S. bridges are structurally outdated or obsolete.

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What is the scariest bridge in the United States? ›

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

America's highest suspension bridge may be breathtaking for some, but those scared of heights may be left gasping for air as they stare straight down nearly 90 stories at the Arkansas River below.

Where are the scariest bridges in the United States? ›

Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Maryland/Virginia

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is one of the scariest bridges in America for good reason. It spans over seventeen miles long and not only is the bridge over water, but it goes underwater too.

Why is Mackinac Bridge so scary? ›

The biggest fear is the wind, which often exceeds 30 miles per hour on the bridge. While the heights of the grand bridge are enough to scare some people from crossing the bridge, so, too, is the depth of the water – which is some 250 feet deep at the center of the straits.

What is the scariest bridge in New York is impossible to avoid? ›

The Tappan Zee Bridge is said to be the scary of scaries.

What was the deadliest bridge collapse USA? ›

The horrible tragedy of the Silver Bridge, so named for its aluminum color, set in motion a series of changes in bridge construction and maintenance. Silver Bridge was a two-lane, 1,760-foot-long eyebar suspension bridge 102 feet above the Ohio River, connecting West Virginia and Ohio.

What is the longest bridge over water in USA? ›

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is the longest continuous bridge over water in the world. The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway links the urban area of New Orleans, Louisiana, with the smaller communities on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

What bridge has no rails? ›

This is a very unique bridge in Venice, as it's the only one without rails. All other bridges had rails installed. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

What is the scary steep bridge in Florida? ›

Sunshine Skyway Bridge
LocaleSouth of St. Petersburg and north of Terra Ceia, Florida
Official nameBob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Other name(s)The Skyway
Named forBob Graham
26 more rows

Does Texas have one of the scariest bridges in the world? ›

The Rainbow Bridge is located in Port Arthur Texas. Many drivers who have been on the bridge consider it the 'scariest' bridge in Texas.

Will someone drive my car over Mackinac Bridge? ›

Driver Assistance Service

Pull over on the wide shoulder just north of exit 339 near the booth and call Bridge Services to request this service. Drivers who do not feel comfortable driving across the Mackinac Bridge can have staff from the Mackinac Bridge drive their vehicle. Drivers must be 18 years of age or older.

How deep is the water under Mackinac Bridge? ›

Height of Main Towers above Water552 Ft168.25 Meters
Maximum Depth of Water at Midspan295 Ft.90 Meters
Maximum Depth of Tower Piers below Water210 Ft.64 Meters
Height of Roadway above Water at Midspan199 Ft.61 Meters
Underclearance at Midspan for Ships155 Ft.47 Meters
3 more rows

Can you go under the Mackinac Bridge? ›

As the longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere at 26,372 feet long, the Mackinac Bridge has stood in the Straits since its opening in 1957. At that time it was the longest suspension bridge in the world and, at 200 feet above the water, any ship can sail under the bridge with ease.

What is the scariest bridge to drive on in New York? ›

The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, locally called the Verrazzano, is a suspension bridge connecting the New York City boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn. It spans the Narrows, a body of water linking the relatively enclosed Upper New York Bay with Lower New York Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Has a bridge ever collapsed in New York? ›

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). (1988). “Collapse of New York Thruway (I-90) Bridge over the Schoharie Creek, near Amsterdam, New York, April 5, 1987.” Highway Accident Report: NTSB/HAR-88/02, Washington, D.C.

What is the scary bridge in Tennessee? ›

Drummond Bridge is part of a railway system that transported coal from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s in Eastern Tennessee. The bridge itself crosses over Coal Creek, a namesake of the goods used to move from state to state.

What is the most famous bridge disaster? ›

Tacoma Narrows Bridge, suspension bridge across the Narrows of Puget Sound, connecting the Olympic Peninsula with the mainland of Washington state, U.S. The original bridge, known colloquially as “Galloping Gertie,” was a landmark failure in engineering history.

What bridge collapse killed 13 people? ›

The bridge opened in 1967 and was Minnesota's third busiest, carrying 140,000 vehicles daily. It experienced a catastrophic failure during the evening rush hour on August 1, 2007, killing 13 people and injuring 145.

What bridge collapse has the most deaths? ›

The collapse of Ponte das Barcas killed over 4,000 people, including the Portuguese and some French people. Because the collapse resulted in the death of at least 4,000 people, it is known as the worst bridge collapse.

Which US city has the most bridges over water? ›

Affectionately known as the “City of Bridges,” Pittsburgh boasts 446 bridges. Long before the majestic bridges soared above the Three Rivers, Pittsburgh was a rugged terrain of deep valleys, creeks, and rivers, isolating many of the city's residents.

What is the longest bridge over water that freezes? ›

The Confederation Bridge is the longest bridge in the world crossing ice-covered water. The toll bridge spans a 12.9 km stretch of the Northumberland Strait connecting Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island, to Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick.

What is the tallest bridge over water? ›

Millau Viaduct

Is there a town built on a bridge? ›

In Chongqing, China, there is an entire neighborhood built over a bridge, overlooking the Liziang River: an example of the most modern infrastructural engineering. Reasons behind the existence of this bizarre project are purely economic and touristic.

What bridge has a train in it? ›

Hell Gate Bridge

What is the only river with no bridges? ›

Despite being around 4,300 miles in length, the Amazon River surprisingly has no bridges. The Amazon River is the world's second-longest river and one of the planet's most significant waterways.

What bridge in Florida goes underwater? ›

The Port of Miami Tunnel (also State Road 887) is a 4,200-foot (1,300 m) bored, undersea tunnel in Miami, Florida. It consists of two parallel tunnels (one in each direction) that travel beneath Biscayne Bay, connecting the MacArthur Causeway on Watson Island with PortMiami on Dodge Island.

What bridge got washed out in Florida? ›

A portion of the Sanibel Causeway Bridge "was damaged/washed out," Lieutenant Gregory S.

How deep is the 7 Mile bridge in Florida? ›

The piers were secured to bedrock up to 28 feet deep below the waterline, and a swinging span allowed boat passage between the Gulf and Atlantic.

Is there a bridge where you cant see land? ›

Motorists can't see land when they're in the middle of the bridge. The Lake Ponchartrain Causeway Bridge is a 24-mile-long structure that connects New Orleans with Mandeville, Louisiana, across Lake Ponchartrain.

Where in Texas is the scariest bridge? ›

You just have to have faith that the pavement will be there waiting for you when you pass over the hump. The Rainbow Bridge between Port Arthur and Orange, Texas at sunset. There's more than one Texas bridge that can be especially troubling for those with gephyrophobia – fear of bridges.

How many bad bridges are there in the US? ›

There are 163.2 million daily crossings on 42,951 structurally deficient U.S. bridges in poor condition.

Has any car fallen off Mackinac Bridge? ›

No vehicle has ever “blown off” the Mackinac Bridge. Despite the rumors and legends, it's never happened. More than 200 million vehicles have crossed the bridge since it opened in November 1957.

How much do Mackinac Bridge workers make? ›

Bridge maintenance positions pay between $18.47 and $25.96 per hour. Steeplejack employees can earn between $18.47 and $29.02 per hour.

What is the speed limit on Mackinac Bridge? ›

Maximum speed limit is 45 mph. No U-turns. No stopping on the Mackinac Bridge.

What lake is under the Mackinac Bridge? ›

One of the world's longest bridges! It crosses 155 feet (47.24m) over the Straits of Mackinac between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. The bridge connects the cities of St. Ignace and Mackinaw City in Michigan's Mackinac County and is an entry point the Lake Superior Circle Tour.

How long will Mackinac Bridge last? ›

Now more than 40 years old, the Mackinac Bridge has withstood some incredible winds and severe snow and rain storms and has shown little sign of weakness. The original bridge architects and designers say that, if properly maintained, the bridge will probably last for 1,000 years!

What Great lake is under the Mackinac Bridge? ›

The Straits of Mackinac connect two of the Great Lakes: Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. The Mackinac Bridge (fondly nicknamed 'Mighty Mac') is the worlds fifth largest suspension bridge, connecting the Lower and Upper Peninsula's of Michigan.

Is there a body in the Mackinac Bridge? ›

There are no bodies buried in the concrete supports of the Mackinac Bridge. Five workers died during the construction of the Mackinac Bridge.

How much does it cost for a car to drive over the Mackinac Bridge? ›

Tolls for vehicles crossing the Mackinac Bridge have been set at $2.00 per axle or $4.00 per car. This includes passenger cars, motorcycles, station wagons, SUVs, pick-ups, vans, and school buses. Other vehicles (tractor trailers, buses, step or cube vans, and motor homes) cost $5.00 per axle.

How much does it cost to cross the Mackinac Bridge with a car? ›

Passenger Vehicle – $2.00 per axle or $4.00 per car

Passenger car, van, motorcycle, station wagon, SUV, pick-up truck, and school bus. (A van is a two-axle four tire vehicle not primarily intended for carrying cargo or commercial goods.)

What is the deadliest highway in NY? ›

Taconic State Parkway Named Most Dangerous Road In New York

The Taconic State Parkway being named one of the deadliest roads in America probably isn't a surprise to Hudson Valley residents or New York State drivers.

Is the 7 Mile bridge safe? ›

The seven mile bridge has two traveling lanes, and no room on either side of the traveling lanes to escape danger. That is why the seven mile bridge in Marathon remains one of the most dangerous bridges in the entire country.

What is the scariest bridge to drive over in Tennessee? ›

However, it's actually been deemed one of the “most haunted places in Tennessee.” Over the years, the now dilapidated bridge, which is known as Drummond Bridge, has attracted paranormal investigators from near and far.

What is the deadliest bridge collapses of the past 20 years? ›

Gujarat To Mumbai: Deadliest Bridge Collapses In Indian History That Killed Hundreds Of People
  • Damanganga river bridge collapsed in 2003.
  • Bihar bridge collapsed on a train in 2006.
  • Darjeeling bridge collapsed in 2011.
  • Arunachal Pradesh suspension footbridge collapsed in 2011.
  • Vivekananda flyover collapsed in Kolkata in 2016.
Nov 1, 2022

How many bridges collapse a year in the US? ›

Based on the data extrapolation and 95% confidence interval, the estimated average annual bridge collapse rate in the United States is between 87 and 222 with an expected value of 128. The database showed hazards that have caused bridges to collapse historically, throughout the United States.

Has the Brooklyn Bridge ever fallen? ›

On May 30, 1883 — one week after it officially opened — 12 people were killed in the collapse of the Brooklyn Bridge.

What is one of the scariest bridges in the United States? ›

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

America's highest suspension bridge may be breathtaking for some, but those scared of heights may be left gasping for air as they stare straight down nearly 90 stories at the Arkansas River below.

What is the scary bridge in Gatlinburg? ›

Gatlinburg SkyBridge

From the mountain-top SkyDeck, the SkyBridge stretches almost 700 feet across a deep valley in a single span.... that's longer than 2 football fields!

Which Wisconsin bridge is named scariest bridge in the world? ›

The Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge is a bridge on the north side of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

How far underwater is the Chesapeake Bay bridge Tunnel? ›

There is 75 feet from the water to the bottom of the bridge for fishing boats to go under them. The water along the bridge is 25 to 75 feet deep. Click here to read about challenges and charges to cross the bridge! This is Hayden with his project board.

What is the fear of bridges in the Chesapeake Bay? ›

The fear of bridges has a name, gephyrophobia. Psychotherapists say it is common and often traces back to a panic attack during a particular crossing, even after years of driving over the same bridge without incident.

What is the scary bridge in New York? ›

1. South Grand Island Bridge. The scariest bridge still in operation in all of Western New York. It's narrow.

What is the bridge that has collapsed? ›

The Physics Behind the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed primarily due to the aeroelastic flutter. In ordinary bridge design, the wind is allowed to pass through the structure by incorporating trusses.

What was the most famous bridge that was never built? ›

The 4 most impressive bridges that were never built
  • EuroRoute Bridge, between Britain and France.
  • Hudson River Bridge, New York, USA.
  • General Ulysses S. Grant Memorial Bridge, Washington DC.
  • Kerch Strait Bridge, between Crimea and Russia.
Jan 25, 2019

What is the haunted bridge of Madison County? ›

Also known as the “haunted” bridge, Roseman is where two sheriff's posses trapped a county jail escapee in 1892. It is said the man rose up straight through the roof of the bridge, uttering a wild cry, and disappeared. He was never found, and it was decided that anyone capable of such a feat must be innocent.

Is there a bridge that goes underwater? ›

Both a tourist attraction and a travel convenience, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel connects the Virginia mainland at Virginia Beach near Norfolk with Virginia's Eastern Shore.

How deep is the water under the Chesapeake Bay? ›

Much of the Bay is quite shallow; more than 24 percent of the Bay is less than 6 feet (2 m) deep. The average depth is 21 feet (7 m). The deepest channel in the Bay is 175 feet (53 m).

Are there any underwater tunnels in the US? ›

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

It is the third oldest underwater vehicle tunnel in the United States or Canada. It stands behind only New York/New Jersey's Hudson River-crossing Holland Tunnel (completed in 1927) and the Posey Tube (completed in 1928), which connects Alameda and Oakland, California.

What is the new fear of bridges? ›

Gephyrophobia is the anxiety disorder or specific phobia characterized by the fear of bridges and tunnels.

What is a fear of being on a bridge called? ›

A fear of bridges is called gephyrophobia.

What do you call a person who has fear of snakes? ›

What is ophidiophobia? Ophidiophobia is an extreme, overwhelming fear of snakes. The condition is called a specific phobia (fear), which is a type of anxiety disorder. Ophidiophobia may be associated with herpetophobia, which is fear of all reptiles. Many people are somewhat fearful of snakes.

What is the scary island in New York? ›

New York's Hidden Haunted Gem

North Brother Island was first inhabited when Riverside Hospital was relocated to the island due to the hospital's nature and the highly contagious diseases it treated. The hopes were to isolate sufferers of smallpox, tuberculosis, yellow fever, and typhus.


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